2 Apr

Welcome to the blog of the kitchen that’s always crankin’! I hope you come here for recipe ideas and inspiration, and I’ll try my best to dish out both. Don’t expect to find daunting recipes or ingredients that you’ve a. never heard of or b. cost $341 a pound. However, I did once get a free vanilla bean and it nearly changed my life, so there may be one of those surfacing at some point.
Other than that, you’ll get to see what I make for dinner and hopefully you can make it too!

p.s. I’ve noticed that a lot of cooking blogs have a high proportion of baked goods. While I really like to bake, I can’t be trusted with sweet treats near me. I try very hard to avoid them, lest I make myself sick everyday until the dessert is gone. So if I post a cake, or a cookie, or a brownies recipe, know that the result will be gone from my apartment in 2.5 days or less.


share your thoughts! and hopes and dreams!

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