Chef’s Salad

22 Apr

chefs salad

So, with spring kind of on its way, it’s time to start ushering in salads. Yeah yeah yeah…I know bagged mixed greens are a total rip, but I’m getting over my cold and I deserve the easy way out! This salad is a bit heftier than the salads I like to eat in the middle of summer, but that’s fitting. It’s kind of in between warm spinach winter salads and super fresh all veggie salads of the summer. You can make a chef’s salad any way you’d like, with any kind of ingredient, but I guarantee you’ll love them as much as I love them. I want to eat them every night, and that’s probably not a bad thing.

applessalami and cheese

Chef’s Salad

baby mixed greens + arugula
chopped carrots
sliced apple
fresh mozzarella
goat cheese
blue cheese

Assemble salad as desired, and use any dressing you may have. A simple one of olive oil and lemon juice would be great.


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