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tinga de pollo y chorizo

7 Nov

I’m so ethnic. Fresh off some tacos de buche from Friday night, I was still in the mood for Mexican the next couple days. Since I don’t know where to get pig stomach, I settled for making the lowly chicken thigh. Kind of a sorry follow up. Fortunately, this dish turned out really good and if I do decide to venture down Federal Boulevard someday to find some pigs’ stomachs in some terrifying meat market, I think they will work well with this tinga.
This dish is also for my lovely friend Rachel, who was looking for some one-pot chicken dishes. I used two, but you could do it with one…and a bowl. She also wanted vegetables in it, and there aren’t a ton in here (sorry I’m falling short), but you could add green or red peppers, summer squash, winter squash, or whatever. I probably should have used pumpkin instead of potatoes because I have two sugar pumpkins sitting on my kitchen table, one of which is looking like it wants to get squishy kind of soon. I also have a Cinderella pumpkin on my front porch that I bought on super sale from Whole Foods that I should try roasting. It’s really, really big so it might be stringy? I don’t know, has anyone eaten one before?? What are they like?
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braised red cabbage + german sausage

5 Oct

OCTOBER! Cabbage! Germany! I don’t know much about why Germans like Oktober. I tried reading the Wiki article on it, but I lost interest when they started talking about some Prince. I do know that I missed Denver’s Oktoberfest. It was the 2nd and 3rd weekend in September. Hm. But I’m pretty sure that whatever food I might have found on the street would not have been as good as what I made here. I’m not sure how I would have eaten cabbage anyway on the street and that’s what I like most here. That shouldn’t be much of a surprise. I love vegetable side dishes.
So there are apples in the cabbage. I miss New York apples so much. They’re such a thing there and so not a thing here. I searched for an apple picking orchard here and found one, but first, they required reservations to go pick apples and second, they had already sold out spots for the season. What the hell. All those idiots going to pick apples probably don’t even know what the hell a good apple is anyway. They probably just like Fuji and Gala and barf Red Delicious. And they’ll pick these lovely heirloomy varietals and they’ll be all tart and wonderful and they’ll think ew these are gross and then let them sit around and get mealy and then throw them out. I hate them. I deserved one of those spots.
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mini spanish burgers with manchego + garlic aioli

21 Mar

My tapas parties in the past have become something of legend, amongst Joe and me. They weren’t really parties, because we never thought to invite anyone, but still. I’d spend most of the day make tapa after tapa – patatas bravas, chicken and ham croquettes, roasted eggplant dip, potato and leek tortilla, honey almond cakes…. it was an ordeal. A wonderfully delicious ordeal! I keep meaning to have another one, and to actually invite some friends over. But until that time, I’ve settled for less extravagant tapas dinners. This time, the focus was these little, easy mini burgers topped with a few slices of aged manchego cheese and some homemade garlic aioli. I also made some quick roasted asparagus and sautéed mushrooms.

Making aioli or homemade mayo can be a trialing event. I don’t make it very often, so I’m always a little out of practice when I set out to make it. This time was no exception. I actually thought it hadn’t emulsified and gave up all hope, but when I looked at it a bit later saw that it had mysteriously thickened. Hmm. Works for me! If you’ve never made aioli or mayo before, you’re in for a treat. It’s so much better than store bought mayonnaise. Hopefully you won’t have trouble getting the emulsification, but if you do, there are ways to save it. I’ve read a few different ways, but the one that’s worked for me is to whisk another room temperature egg yolk, then slowly add the broken mayo to it. I’ve also found that a hand mixer fitted with the whisk attachments is better than a blender or food processor. (I initially forgot that and used a blender, which was why I think it didn’t properly emulsify at first.) You can also hand whisk!

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