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roasted winter squash with tahini and za’atar

9 Dec

paleo winter squash with tahini and za'atarI lost the homemade candy contest. 3rd place out of 3. That’s okay, I guess the judges just preferred marzipan squeezed from a tube with shitty chocolate melted on top. Actually…I probably deserved it. I gave my friend some of my toffee and there was a hair in it. Maybe the judges got a hair piece, too. How embarrassing. How am I supposed to make cookies for people for Christmas? I should be in exile.
ingredients for winter squash with tahini and za'atarI’m really not feeling like writing much here. I had all sorts of wonderful things written down, then I accidentally deleted everything and whenever I do something stupid like that, I freak out and make everything worse. So instead of ⌘-Z-ing, I clicked somewhere else on the page to really confirm that I had deleted everything, thus really truly confirming the delete. Idiot. I don’t even remember what I had written. Other than griping about losing the candy contest. And probably Christmas, something, something, cookies. Trying to rewrite what you’d deleted is such an awful feeling. Even when it’s something as silly as a blog post. It makes me want to pull my hair out.
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farmhouse butternut squash soup

1 Dec

Butternut squash soup is one of the easiest and best soups ever. Broth, squash, salt. It could be that simple. But what the heck would be the point of posting something like that. Instead, there is this moderately more fancy version that I like to make but that is still totally easy. It feels a little more rustic and has more complex flavors. Just a bit of tartness from a Granny Smith apple and a tid of apple cider vinegar. Oh, and then there’s nutmeg just to pull out the sweetness in case you were worried it would get buried with the apple and vinegar.
Did you realize that it’s December?? This means that each and every day I try to do something Christmas-y. (Un)fortunately, several of these activities will be cookie and pie-centric. It just has to happen. I ate so much winter fruit crisp at Thanksgiving that I was kind of hoping I’d get sweets out of my system, but in actuality it created a sweets monster. Total monster. I want to kill it, but Christmas is telling it to make pies and cookies. Basically, I want to create an edible version of marthastewart.com. So, having a soup like this around is a good thing, because what’s the point of eating a full, real meal if you’re just going to stuff yourself with dessert after. Dammit. I’m hosed.
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