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polish cabbage rolls

6 Nov

paleo golabki polish cabbage rollI can’t call this gołąbki because I felt like I sufficiently interpreted these such that I might get chided by a Pole. Namely, in that I didn’t include rice. Next time I will, I swear (but these are so good I’m not sure I want to change them…). I’ll try to make my grandma proud. I also feel funny because I’m no expert in Polish cuisine – it’s not exactly the most popular ethnic cuisine, with hipsters flocking to little holes-in-the-wall to debate the best pierogi in town. There are actually kind of a few restaurants here, but I haven’t made my way over to them yet. Most of them look kinda crappy. Like, trying to be cool when it’d just be better to be a no frills, oblivious to modern tastes kinda place and have really good, all homemade food. Ugh, that reminds me of a Mexican restaurant nearby that has an ADA-certifited heart-healthy menu or some junk. Stay the hell away from that place. Growing up, my mom used to make gołąbki all the time, but I was a kid and I was picky and I didn’t eat anything that wasn’t Polly-O string cheese. So, I’m kind of starting from scratch here, with nothing much to compare to. I’ve mostly seen these little pigeons (that’s what gołąbki means) with a tomato sauce, but both Polish cookbooks I have seemed to be sauce-ambivalent and said you could serve it with a number of sauces. So, I picked a mushroom sauce because I’ve been in the mood for mushrooms lately. Again, it’s interpreted – I didn’t want to use cream. If you happen to be Polish (or another Eastern European) and make these – what sauce do you like to make for them?
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braised red cabbage + german sausage

5 Oct

OCTOBER! Cabbage! Germany! I don’t know much about why Germans like Oktober. I tried reading the Wiki article on it, but I lost interest when they started talking about some Prince. I do know that I missed Denver’s Oktoberfest. It was the 2nd and 3rd weekend in September. Hm. But I’m pretty sure that whatever food I might have found on the street would not have been as good as what I made here. I’m not sure how I would have eaten cabbage anyway on the street and that’s what I like most here. That shouldn’t be much of a surprise. I love vegetable side dishes.
So there are apples in the cabbage. I miss New York apples so much. They’re such a thing there and so not a thing here. I searched for an apple picking orchard here and found one, but first, they required reservations to go pick apples and second, they had already sold out spots for the season. What the hell. All those idiots going to pick apples probably don’t even know what the hell a good apple is anyway. They probably just like Fuji and Gala and barf Red Delicious. And they’ll pick these lovely heirloomy varietals and they’ll be all tart and wonderful and they’ll think ew these are gross and then let them sit around and get mealy and then throw them out. I hate them. I deserved one of those spots.
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