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fermented carrot pickles

7 Jul

paleo fermented carrot picklesHey. I’m here in Texas. And really all I’ve done is unpack, organize, and hand wash every freaking piece of wool clothing for indeterminately long storage. But I have this kind of brain blockage that prevents me from completing large, important tasks in favor of nagging smaller tasks. Then, the longer I don’t do whatever important task in question, the more I don’t want to think about how long it’s been and I try to not think about it. Take for example, not working on this blog and instead figuring out the best way to organize and store all of my holiday decorations. Or how I didn’t post this here recipe for a month and half because I was too busy getting ready to go to Texas and too busy seeing every friend possible. I had already taken the pictures, I was already completely checked out at my job, you’d think I would have been able to do it, but I just kept pretending like it wasn’t as long as it really had been. Brain blockage. So here’s a recap of my life.
bag of organic carrotsMy landlords in Denver were being real pains in the ass about wanting to show the house as soon as I told them we were moving. First, they wanted to show it all day. They were just going to be there all.day. 8 – 6. And they said they were going to do the showings on the weekend “so as to accommodate [my] usage during the month.” What does that mean??? How is it nice to have them there on the weekends? So, I said well it’d be pretty great if you could do the showings when I’m not there, thanks. Then they asked if I could lock my cats in a fucking closet for “10 or so hours” while they would be there showing the place. I didn’t reply to the email for a day because I needed to calm down. I’m so excited I┬ánever have to hear from Kathy and Randy Fischer ever again! Did I mention that Randy is a state representative here in Colorado? Rated worst for business by The Denver Business Journal. Thanks, bud. Also, his wife is on drugs, pretty sure. Teamocil probably. But yeah, they liked my garden and my compost pile, so that’s good. Didn’t have to haul off two truck loads of soil and months worth of rotting vegetable and yard matter.
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roasted carrot and caramelized onion soup with caraway

2 Jan

paleo roasted carrot and caramelized onion soup with carawaySometimes it’s the little details that make me happy in a recipe. Like nicely roasted carrots and caramelized onions in an otherwise very simple soup. And homemade chicken broth. And then, anything with caraway seeds in it is superlative in my book. The best seed.
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burnt carrots with parsley and garlic chips

19 Sep

I hope I’m not the only one that seems to always have an endless bag of carrots in the fridge. One whose date of purchase I can only dare to guess. I don’t give carrots too much thought for most of the year. My mom has the best roasted carrot recipe of the earth that I bring out around Thanksgiving and/or Christmas, and then there are the normal roasted root vegetable dishes that I throw together the rest of the winter. In the summer, they’re lucky if I remember to grate them over some oh-shit-I-forgot-about-that-lettuce salads. (Oh shit, I have an aging head of lettuce in the fridge right now.)
Enter this recipe. It apparently coming from Argentinian origins, I couldn’t resist. I see South American cuisine mentioned anywhere and I’m sold. And since I desperately needed to get rid of those unsightly, ancient (but still good! not floppy!) carrots, this seemed the perfect fit. Quickly cooked, charred, seasoned simply, and topped with one of the best ways to eat garlic.
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honey lemon chicken and carrots + roasted herbed potatoes

19 Apr

Well, I guess all my camera needed was a battery recharge. Heh. Dropping the camera was just a horrible coincidence that left me scratching my head for a week as to how to proceed with fixing it. No fretting needed afterall. So now I’m back in action!

With my nose as stuffed up as it is, this was about the only dinner that I could have tasted. It’s heavily spiced, but I have a non-stuffed up person to back up it’s legitimacy as well, so don’t worry. It’s also pretty easy to assemble. The potatoes you can do while the chicken is cooking and have it all finish at the same time – perf!

If you want to deviate from this recipe, I would suggest maybe adding greens to the chicken, or serving with a grain instead of the potatoes. The amount of honey or lemon can be adjusted too. Both could be added to an individual serving (someone wanted to dump a bunch of extra honey on afterward, to my chagrin). The original recipe called for chicken thighs, bone in and skin on. I wanted no part of that, but I’m chicken-picky. The potatoes are also endlessly flexible. You can use any kind of potato that’s lying around, or you can experiment with the herbs. They’re super easy. Oh, and for any vegetarians out there, I’m sure baked or fried tofu with the spice coating on it would be great. Seitan too.

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