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chipotle lime roasted delicata squash

15 Oct

With snow nipping at our heels here in Denver (Arapahoe Basin opened Thursday!), I’m feeling a little anxious to make sure I bask in the relatively warm weather while still enjoying the smells and colors of fall. And that applies to eating too. I don’t really want to eat tomatoes and basil, but I’m hesitant to treat all of my produce with a heavily spiced hand. So let’s merge the two worlds. Bright, spicy chipotle and lime with crispy, warm roasted winter squash chunks.
Now that the weather has taken a turn for the wonderful, I’m starting to get back into running. I couldn’t exactly muster the desire to slog in the blistering heat of summer for miles on end. Biking, another thing. It doesn’t really seem to matter how heavily you’re breathing, the wind on your face always feels better than if you weren’t biking. I suffered through weekly CrossFit Hero WODs in the sun, but that’s like an addiction. Running is weird, I both love and loathe it. Somedays it seems like the most god awful activity invented, and other days it’s so much fun wandering around neighborhoods and ogling old houses that I want to be mine, looking at the mountains, running around lakes and parks, enjoying the anything-but-summer-weather. It also seems appropriate to renew my interest because my gym is doing a 30 day nutrition challenge and I’m all revved up to be wonderful! Perfect healthy eating! Perfect graceful runner!
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mint and chipotle meatballs + garlic zucchini

22 Apr

Wondering what you should do with all those extra chipotles in adobo sauce from making the Chipotle Chicken? Well here you go! I’ve been itching to use mint, as it’s kind of the unofficial (or official, maybe, I don’t know!) herb of spring. I bought myself a cute little windowsill pot of mint and I’ve been dutifully watering it in anticipation of just such a dish as this. Smoky, spicy chipotle peppers contrast with that wonderful fresh taste of mint. I didn’t exactly have the amount that the original recipe called for, because I didn’t have the heart to strip the little burgeoning plant of all of its leaves, but the amount still did the trick. Feel free to use the amount I did for any mint-phobes you might have living in your house. You can definitely taste it, but it’s subtle so you might not put your finger on it if you didn’t know it was in there.

Zucchini is a vegetable that is another great “hello, warm weather” ingredient. I’ve been using it for a couple weeks now and it’s so versatile. Usually, though, I just cut it in thin medallions and stir fry with a little salt and pepper. Then, when it’s grill season, I cut it in half lengthwise and grill to perfection. This recipe was a nice deviation. Little zucchini chunks simmered in a garlicky sauce.

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