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roasted winter squash with tahini and za’atar

9 Dec

paleo winter squash with tahini and za'atarI lost the homemade candy contest. 3rd place out of 3. That’s okay, I guess the judges just preferred marzipan squeezed from a tube with shitty chocolate melted on top. Actually…I probably deserved it. I gave my friend some of my toffee and there was a hair in it. Maybe the judges got a hair piece, too. How embarrassing. How am I supposed to make cookies for people for Christmas? I should be in exile.
ingredients for winter squash with tahini and za'atarI’m really not feeling like writing much here. I had all sorts of wonderful things written down, then I accidentally deleted everything and whenever I do something stupid like that, I freak out and make everything worse. So instead of ⌘-Z-ing, I clicked somewhere else on the page to really confirm that I had deleted everything, thus really truly confirming the delete. Idiot. I don’t even remember what I had written. Other than griping about losing the candy contest. And probably Christmas, something, something, cookies. Trying to rewrite what you’d deleted is such an awful feeling. Even when it’s something as silly as a blog post. It makes me want to pull my hair out.
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4 Dec

paleo za'atarSpice mixes are fun. Making spice mixes is fun. You learn so much! Oh that’s how they get that flavor! Plus, if you make them in advance, as opposed to just adding spices to a dish as you’re making it, you’ll have a little jar with which you can now have a real nice way to impress people. No one is impressed with individual spices. Everyone is impressed with a jar of homemade za’atar. Well, you won’t be, because you’re going to make it and it’ll be old hat then.
sumacAdvent has begun. Every single day a Christmas activity must occur. I’m currently making cinnamon and clove scented pinecones. They’re sitting on the stovetop making the kitchen smell so wonderful. I also made cinnamon ornaments. Lots of cinnamon here. Also on the agenda is getting our Christmas tree from the wilderness, paper snowflakes, watching He-Man & She-Ra: A Christmas Special, talking a walk to peer at fancy Christmas light displays in a fancy neighborhood, etc. I’m not in the mood to make Christmas cookies this year. Not like last year. I’m sure it’ll hit at some point, but nothing much this year. I might have gone overboard last year. I am going to make some sort of toffee concoction for my department’s Christmas party at work on Wednesday. Toffee almond salted something. It’s a homemade candy competition and I better freaking win. I should have made it this weekend because I tried making it last night and all was going well in the pot until it just separated and then it crystallized and now I have like one more chance to try it and I’ll probably ruin it again and cry.
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lebanese beef kebabs

1 May

Man, I need to gripe. I really love a lot of things. Like, spending all this time at the grocery store getting everything you need for a while, only to come home and realize you forgot a key ingredient for one meal you were particularly excited about, oh, just the one that you happen to be about to write a blog post about! And like, trying to dig around in your literal mountain of spice jars, baggies, and all other manner of spice housings to try to find a suitable substitute for the key ingredient you forgot with spices going flying all over the kitchen floor. I also really love things like getting ready to start making lovely spice-substituted kebabs and noticing that your camera is angrily flashing its battery light at you. Then, coming to realize that there happen to only be two skewers when you were positive that there were like 6! Or even 8! And it’s really, really awesome when, because you’re a meat idiot, you really suck at forming ground meat patties and they nearly all crumble and fall through the grill grates.
The one positive thing in my life this weekend was finally, FINALLY, getting enough dirt to fill that f-ing raised bed garden. But I didn’t even have enough time to plant anything. And don’t you even think for a minute that, “well it’s okay Julie, your little seedlings will do okay for another week in their egg cartons”, because I KILLED THEM. I TOLD YOU I WOULD. I HATE MYSELF. I had been growing them outside during the day and then taking them in at night so I wouldn’t really have to harden them. But then we got some snow a couple weeks ago and I took them in and forgot to put them back outside for a few days after. During that indoor time they really started growing, so when I finally brought them back outside they were pretty much Scorching Colorado Sun newbies. Shit.
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yogurt marinated lamb + cucumber mint salad

8 Jun

What a gorgeous Memorial Day weekend we had here. In fact, it’s just been getting increasingly gorgeous! I can’t get enough of it! I know that it’s been over a week since Memorial Day weekend, but I’ve been so busy launching my new company. This recipe has sorrowfully been floating around, waiting to be written about. The pictures longingly waiting to be processed, cropped, and uploaded. Because it’s just that wonderful. I’ve posted lamb and spiced yogurt before and I will keep doing it. They’re both utterly magical components that are just that much more magical when eaten together.

Remember how I was excited to continue making salads? I’ve done good! This chopped cucumber mint salad is mostly raw vegetables with some grilled eggplant thrown in, too. It’s wonderful. And the recipe makes so, so much. I gleefully ate it for every meal the next couple days. And I’ve got another salad in the works for you too. It’s the summer of Julie!
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lamb burgers with fresh herbs + spiced yogurt + warm broccoli salad

25 Feb

This dinner nearly turned into a disaster! First, I realized I was out of garlic when I was preparing the yogurt sauce. Then Joe broke the news that we were out of gas for the grill. We had been looking forward to these grilled lamb burgers for days! Despite this, these are probably the best burgers I’ve ever had. The yogurt did suffer for lack of garlic (and the burgers too, because I would have liked to mix in a clove), but with enough lemon juice and spices, it turned out pretty superb.

The warm broccoli salad I had planned did suffer without the grill, though. I love grilled onions, so I put in extra and I sliced them pretty thick. All this before I heard the no-gas news. Cooked in a sauté pan left they get limp and overwhelming. So if you’re without a grill, slice them thinner and half the amount.

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