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coda alla vaccinara

21 Nov

Okay, when does it start to get obnoxious with my foreign language recipe titles. But I feel like this one is warranted, as it’s supposedly some sort of time-honored Roman stew. In case you’re wondering and haven’t translate-widgeted it yet, it’s oxtail. My first time making something with an oxtail! I’d seen it fresh before at my little meat market that I go to to get my kitties’ food, but didn’t have anything in mind for it at the time. So I went back this past weekend to get it – never a good idea there, because their stock of odd bits is seemingly unpredictable – but only found it in the freezer. No big deal, except I was a little impatient in letting it defrost fully before starting this recipe. Hey, I’ve got limited daylight hours to get some somewhat decent pictures. The stinkin’ oxtails defrosted quick enough in the pot.
Oxtail is a strange cut of meat. It’s mostly bone and some weird collagen, but it becomes super wonderful and fun to eat after simmering for hours. The end of the tail was my most favorite. The texture is hard to describe, but the bit of collagenmeat on them was delicious, and since the pieces are small you can pick them up with your fingers and they don’t go flying across the table, like some of the larger pieces did a couple times. Whether you try to use just your hands or a fork, those larger pieces are a little unwieldy no matter what.
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tinga de pollo y chorizo

7 Nov

I’m so ethnic. Fresh off some tacos de buche from Friday night, I was still in the mood for Mexican the next couple days. Since I don’t know where to get pig stomach, I settled for making the lowly chicken thigh. Kind of a sorry follow up. Fortunately, this dish turned out really good and if I do decide to venture down Federal Boulevard someday to find some pigs’ stomachs in some terrifying meat market, I think they will work well with this tinga.
This dish is also for my lovely friend Rachel, who was looking for some one-pot chicken dishes. I used two, but you could do it with one…and a bowl. She also wanted vegetables in it, and there aren’t a ton in here (sorry I’m falling short), but you could add green or red peppers, summer squash, winter squash, or whatever. I probably should have used pumpkin instead of potatoes because I have two sugar pumpkins sitting on my kitchen table, one of which is looking like it wants to get squishy kind of soon. I also have a Cinderella pumpkin on my front porch that I bought on super sale from Whole Foods that I should try roasting. It’s really, really big so it might be stringy? I don’t know, has anyone eaten one before?? What are they like?
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