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sesame summer squash salad

15 Aug

paleo sesame squash summer saladTired of summer squash? Too bad, time to eat more. Can’t say I’m tired of it, because I don’t have any  in my garden (yet). But if I did, this salad would be a perfect way to plow through those ceaselessly proliferating plants. Or you could not pick them, let them get gigantic, then leave them on your patio table, hoping that they’ll turn into dried out ornamental gourds. I’ve def done that a few times.
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shaved summer squash salad

18 Jun

Over a year ago, Joe brought me home a road bike that had been abandoned at his old work. I procrastinated on fixing it up until a couple weeks ago. What a shame. This is the first time I’ve had a bike since like 2003. THEY ARE SO FUN. I never want to drive anywhere anymore. We live in a really perfect spot for errand- and outing-biking and long distances, too. We live right near the confluence of the Platte River and Cherry Creek. There are trails along both of those waterways and you can go pretty far on them, as well as get downtown easily without having to traverse the whole way on city streets. We’re planning an outing some upcoming weekend to bike up north to Broomfield where, unbeknownst to me until a few days ago, is an Abbott’s Frozen Custard. Holy. Crap. It’s originally from Rochester, NY, where I’m from, and it is summer to me. Plus, not only is the frozen custard itself mean summer, but when I was younger we’d always bike to the Abbott’s on the Erie Canal. So we HAVE to bike to this one!
So, while I have indulgent super rich frozen custard looming over me, this salad recipe will be here to balance out my sugar load. It’s a such simple salad. But don’t let that stop you from making it. It really is worth making. It’ll be wonderful for a first course or side dish on a super hot day. If you want, you could put on grilled steak, chicken, or fish to make it a one-dish meal.
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