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sweet potato fries

19 Oct

paleo sweet potato friesYeah. Hey. Bleh.

All sorts of bullcrap happened this past year. Let’s just let it come out naturally over the course of the next several many posts. Like, oh, look at the pictures – that kitchen looks different, doesn’t it? Interesting! Uh huh.

organic farmers market texas sweet potato

Also, this recipe is a total joke. Basically, I needed to get myself to post again and in true Julie fashion, my one idea I had for a simple ease-back-into post got thwarted in a last minute effort to obtain the ingredient that actually isn’t all that simple to find and required a special trip to the farmer’s market where the damn rancher didn’t even have it. But posting again has been weighing on me for such a long time and I thought, well, fine. I’ll just use whatever the hell and make a stupid post just so I can get back into the swing of it. So here we are. Sweet potato fries. Like you haven’t ever fucking made stupid sweet potato fries. And it’s not like I even have some sort of secret way of making them that makes them like the kind you get in a restaurant. They’re probably identical to every attempt you’ve ever made. And you’re going to stop reading this blog because why the hell would you bother reading about sweet potato fries and oh wait, you don’t read this anyway because I haven’t posted in like a year.
paleo primal sweet potato texas

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sweet potatoes, kale, and sautéed apples

8 Feb

We had the most beautiful day on Saturday. It starting out kind of warm and sunny. Joe and I went out and did errands and even sat outside and drank a coffee. As we were doing that, tiny little balls of snow started falling and the day turned to a grey, snowy day. It was a steady, fluffy, non-stormy type of snow day. It was so cozy and a perfect day to cook lunch! Usually, lunch for us on the weekend is leftovers, or sometimes we don’t even have it. So it was a special treat to make a dinner-like lunch.

The recipe here is a side dish, so you could have it alongside a whole host of things. I roasted a pork tenderloin and cut up some slices to put on top and had it as a warm salad. You could also add some cheese and nuts and make it more a complete meal. Or, put a fried egg on top! I think everything is better with a fried egg on top…

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