the other thing i do

26 Nov

broccoliWell, there are a few others, but this here lil garden is one of my favs. And really, it’s not little. It’s huge. Sometimes a bit unmanageable. But I’ve got like my best bud who helps immeasurably: Maria. She’s like 75 and I love her. She teaches me swear words en español. And she’s kind of a hippie, so after her calling me pinche cabrona or the like, we’ll talk about whacky herbal supplements and alkaline water (the latter of which I’m wholly unconvinced and the former I’m just generally unconvinced.)
mariaThe past week was kinda rough on the plants. It poured a bunch, I’m not sure I saw the sun at all, and then suddenly Sunday was tens of degrees warmer and 100% sunnier. Everything was kinda sad. But I took pics anyway, you know, procrastination and such. You get the idea. Lots of vegetables. Gardening in San Antonio is pretty magical. You can do it year-round and it’s actually the hardest in the summer, in opposite fashion of everywhere else I’ve lived. And I dunno, I still had a ton of shit in the summer. Grocery store? Pff. Old hat.
swiss chard celery and garlicIf you’re wondering why I’m blathering about my garden and not posting about some culturally appropriated recipe (oh, I’m so offensive) it’s because I am currently in Boston and last weekend was spent in cleaning-out-the-fridge mode. I did make a roasted chile salsa (CULTURAL APPROPRIATION) but yo b, I grew all the damn peppers, and I also made calabacitas (woooo, baby). But sorry, they were all done at night. So no pics. The roasted chile salsa is fucking spicy. Success.
garlicOh, do you want to know what I’m growing right now? Okay. Broccoli, (white, orange, and purple) cauliflower, (red, white, purple, and orange) carrots, two kinds of kale, (red, green, and baby) cabbage, brussels sprouts, rainbow swiss chard, (heirloom, daikon, and uh, normal) radishes, (chiogga, red, and golden) beets, (red, yellow, and pearl) onions, garlic, sweet potatoes, snap peas, green beans, black-eyed peas, arugula, bibb lettuce, (poblano, serrano, jalapeño, sweet and hot banana, and bell) chiles, celery…ugh I don’t even know. And this is just the fall/winter stuff. We just pulled the okra and watermelon and squash plants and other summery things. So.much.shit. It’s the best.
sweet potatoes Yeah okay, bye. It’s time for me to go prep for Thanksgiving. Then eat and drink too much for pre-Thanksgiving dinner dinner. I think Samantha and I gain 15 pounds whenever we hang out. How did I live here once?

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